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Editing: 13 euros per 1500 characters (incl. spaces) = approx. 275 words. Highly personalized service. All editors have at least 20 years’ experience of editing manuscripts for publication in international journals.

Courses: Learn how to write or translate a paper, do an oral presentation (in person and via Zoom), correspond with editors and colleagues. For PhD students, researchers, and EAP teachers.

Books: Our series of books entitled English for Academic Research is published by SpringerNature.

Contact: anna.southern@gmail.com

How to send us a paper for editing

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Not used our service before? Email anna.southern@gmail.com and state:

i) characters including spaces;
ii) US or GB spelling system;
iii) name of institute or person paying;
iv) your deadline - we generally return papers within 2-5 days at no extra cost for urgent work;
v) estimated cost.

How we edit your paper

Please ensure you send us the most recent version of your paper with the spelling already checked.

Our editing includes: grammar, non-technical vocabulary, sentence length, redundancy, word order, clarity, typos.

If the editor needs to see the manuscript in Track Changes, follow this procedure.

We are happy to deal with any English language issues raised by the editor / reviewers.

We return your manuscript along with an English Language Certificate.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses

We offer a 20-30 hour course (Zoom or face-to face) for PhD students and researchers. Through a stimulating and fun mix of materials, participants learn highly practical strategies on how to write a scientific paper, do a presentation (conference and online), and interact via email with editors, reviewers, and colleagues.

We also offer courses via Zoom for translators and EAP teachers.

Our books for SpringerNature

The books cover the full range of academic activities from drafting manuscripts, giving oral presentations, writing letters to the editor and responding to reviewers, and writing CVs.

The books can be used for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses.

Our top-selling books

Over 1.5 million chapters sold on the Springer site.